Kids and the truth


Names have been changed to protect the innocent: everything else is true

Chelsea was in the process of making up two lists: one for the tooth fairy, because she was about to lose another tooth, and the other, for Santa. She mentioned the Easter bunny, but wasn’t getting to that list yet.

Oblivious to the world around her, she went on chattering excitedly about all the things she was going to get from these two magical givers of all things that an eight-year-old girl wants and needs.

Her mother, however, was not exactly sharing in the excitement. Nope. Mom was exasperated enough at having sold her condo with a 30-day closing date, moving into a smaller place and had just bought a new townhouse and was deep into the throes of organizing new floors, counter top and cabinets and the move, including a new school.  She decided in an instant without really thinking it, that it was time for the big truth to be told to the kid.

“Listen, Chels there’s no such thing as the Tooth Fairy or Santa. Parents made them up.  The truth is, I buy all the things you put on the lists, or your aunts, or Nono and Nona. But you’re eight years old now and old enough to know the truth.”

Chelsea, her mouth wide with disbelief, put her pencil crayon down.  She closed her mouth, raised her hands, palms up to the ceiling and said plaintively to her mother, “Mummy…. No! It’s too early for me to know that!


Daniel was cordoned-off in a corner of the store, surrounded by things  that would prevent a two-year old from climbing over and running around getting into trouble, or breaking things. It was a fun cordoned-off area, lots of toys and colour, but clearly for him, the action was on the other side of the barriers. He kept trying to climb over, and was told by his Mum to get back, which he did.  I was watching him though.  He was  quite determined to get over and when he finally managed to do so, I clapped and said, “Daniel, you’re free!”

He gave me one of those adults-don’t-know-anything kind of looks that a serious child often gives dumb adults and said as he passed me, “No, I’m two.”


Tony decided to take all three kids camping, even though his wife (my sister) decided she did not want to go.  The campsite wasn’t far from where they live, so what could happen?  One man, three kids: Molly almost seven, Laura four, and Aaron, two.  They all got back in one piece and seemed to have enjoyed their time in at the campsite.

A few days later, my sister went to get her hair cut and coloured. The stylist ran up to Mimi and said,  “Did Molly tell you?”

“Tell me what?” asked my sister, all concerned and worried because she had not heard a thing.

“Well, my boyfriend and I were at the same campsite as your husband and kids.  And that night, well, we had a HUGE fight,” the stylist started to explain.  “We were screaming and swearing and I was crying and all of a sudden Mia appears at the tent. She shook her finger at us, and told us that we woke her up, we woke up her sister and we woke up her brother and that we were using words that SHE is not supposed to know, and that if we do not love each other, well, just go on a date and come back and talk with her. Then she shook her head and stormed off. We were so shocked and laughing so hard that we stopped fighting!”


It was Lily’s first day of school this year.  Over dinner Mummy and Daddy asked Lilly how she liked her first day.  “Good,” she said, “but I’m not going back.  The teacher’s a vampire.”

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  1. letempspasse says:

    Cute post. Children can be entertaining when they are not driving you up the walls…;-)

    • FS says:

      They are fun aren’t they? These days, there are special vehicles that can bring people back down from the places on the walls and the ceiling that their children have sent them.

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