This morning’s cup of Espresso

I did it!  Okay, it helped to get some just roasted coffee beans late last night and grind them back at home for this morning’s espresso.

It was clear from the moment that the water started coming through that this morning’s espresso was going to be an extraordinary one, a sensual taste experience and oh, my god: it was. Hot, chewy, layers of flavours, delightful, warming, dark and just heavenly. My version of the God Shot of espresso.

Somehow, the combination of beans from various parts of the world mixed together JUST SO to deliver in one steaming little glass the depth of flavours for which tastebuds yearn. Oh, and it was a feast for the eyes as well, a thing of beauty: I took pictures.

Today is going to be a great day. Hope yours is too.

this morning's espresso perfection

top shot of this morning's espresso


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