Fashion Cops + Crimes

fashion cops_Cortona

Fashion Police in Cortona, Italy, June 2009

There have been rumours about them for years, the fashion police. Most of us think the notion invented by some clever 1980s fashionista. Well, colour me purple. Here they are, having a covert meeting in the small piazza outside the Etruscan Museum in Cortona, Italy.  If I had not seen them with my own eyes, had not taken this picture myself with my own camera, I would still not believe it.  It was as extraordinary a moment as slipping my feet into a pair of Donald Pliner (made in the mountains of Italy) shoes.

It wasn’t possible to get close enough to make certain, but I think the boots are Prada commissioned boots.

And the white leather gun, well, pistol holsters and belt? Most certainly special order Hermes.

One of my friends, fluent in Italian, overheard them talking about where to go to get their hair done before they hit the beat.

We went climbing around Cortona (it is an incredibly beautiful and steep medieval town) for a few hours. And when we came back down to the edge of the square, happy and exhausted, the Fashion Police were on the job. They’d nabbed someone.  Not a moment too soon!  I believe this woman, a tourist, got off with a stern warning for just about everything she was wearing.

fashion cops stops a criminal

catching a criminal!


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  1. Amber Fraser says:

    HAHA…do they make house calls? I love the tourist’s fanny pack.

  2. MS says:

    Ok, this is laugh out loud. You must beCOME a travel writer. Brilliant.

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