What’s on My Mind

When you go to your Facebook page, you are greeted with a box each time that asks you, “What’s on Your Mind?

I didn’t notice that little box at first. I was too busy answering the friend requests or sending out my own, specially to my family. I finally get that email is not the best method to share information with them: it’s gotta be Facebook.

There were some friend requests from people I hadn’t heard from since high school; the very cute guys and the very cool girls (they remembered me!?); and reconnecting with some long lost friends in other countries. All that in the first two days. And of course Facebook suggests people IT thinks you should be friends with.  As IF!

You get to post pictures if you want. You can play games. Mostly, it seems people share what they are doing or thinking about, and from that a good conversation can get started.

Oftentimes it’s a series of two-liners back and forth that might be meaningful to the people writing them and amusing fun to the rest of us. It was nice to see that the people on my list are all very bright and witty, and it’s kind of cool to know that most of them are related to me.

Then I got a wee bit bored and filled out the silly quizzes: What Kind of SuperHero Are You, What Should You be Doing With Your Life, The Best Sex Position For You, What Other People Think of You. Funny how eerily accurate they were.

Then I broke my ankle. So back from the hospital I visited the Facebook page, and of course, with nothing left to fill in.. I keyed a few words in the What’s on your Mind box, for a few days at least.

But I started to dread going to that homepage, that little box asking me what’s on my mind.  It’s like having a media mike shoved in your face asking you what you think of this latest government move, not caring that you only heard about it two minutes ago.

When I have time to prepare, I can be like Brain and say something brilliant as part of my evil plot to take over the world (for the benefit of humankind, of course). But if I do not have time to prepare, if I leave my mind to its own undisciplined devices, it’s remarkable how much like Pinky it is. Somedays, all I got is NARF!!!!

Can you imagine? If I put NARF!! in the What’s on Your Mind box? First, not everyone will get it, and the people who think I think differently will know that I do, and not only that, but in a language they don’t understand. (Lab rat speak IS a rare language.)

So I have been thinking of not visiting my Facebook page as often.  Or switching my pain meds.


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Toronto, Canada. Writing about slices of life, the moments and minor details of which come into awareness or out of imagination and the spaces inbetween.
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