A rant.  You’re warned.

DO it.

DO it now.

DO it right or don’t do it all.

Don’t just sit there, DO something.

Got things to Do.

DO or die.

DO you?

Do it because it won’t get done by itself now, will it? Or so the story goes.  (Which story is that, by the way?)

There is a lot DO in our world. After all, it’s only by DOING that get things done: the dishes, the laundry, the shopping, shoveling the driveway, vacuuming, the cooking, the dusting, the income tax.

Let’s not forget about work:  do the brochure, the white paper, the report to the government, the annual report, the article, and do it for tomorrow, even if it is the 17th thing I have given you to do today, on top of the 18 things yesterday and the things that are in the plan to that must get done. ANd then, get the project DONE and here are the templates to do it. DO the budget, and use these the templates to the THAT. Do the performance review — with templates, and do the presentation — with the visual identity template, do the marketing campaign, do the tech, outreach, PR, and every other strategy — and just follow follow the template. Do the business case and follow the template to the letter because one undotted *i* can mean the business case won’t get approved.

Then Do the hiring, and oh, you get to do that other thing…what’s it called now? Do resource planning for the next two years because YOU are the lowest level closest-to-the-ground level in the organization, doing the talking to the customer, clients, that can see into the future and your boss will do what a boss does: approve or not your doing of the numbers and scenarios, because your boss is also so busy doing meetings and more meetings about doing things, that the doing of management is more about delegating, albeit badly, because managers can’t even manage anymore. And in spite of following the templates, the cult of PMI project planning templates, any and all templates are short cuts to thinking, that are helpful as prompts but used as biblical creeds, so the outcome is never as articulated in the template.

As for clients, what do they do? Not a helluva lot: an impediment to the smooth running of business as the old saying goes. So do the client relations thing. Or the patient relations thing. Or alumni relations. Or member relations.  Or donor relations. Or the other term: Client Management — because heaven knows everything has to be managed and tightly controlled, including the (wait for it….!)  customer experience.

But back to you. If you need to do it right, well, stop that now. We know you can do it because you have done it before, it says so on the resume you emailed in and we know that if you’ve done it before you can do it again. You can do the thing that you do. You can do it roughly right so that we can prove we are doing things, that we are in the game, that we are out there, putting in face time.

And now you can do ALL this at the speed of business which if anyone stopped to think about is about the same speed as the insidious fears that chase people who never stop.

You get to do it with no time to think about it because thinking takes time, and what we do not have is time, and certainly not time to think.  Thinking is not productive, not part of core business.

In fact, it is by not thinking that decisions are often arrived at: outsourcing for example: moves the budget line from one cost centre to the other, removes overhead costs, eliminates having to manage problem employees (there is always a solution), and creates ever-widening circles of dependency, which when added to those other doers, shareholders, is a lethal business combination. Speaking of dependency: nothing like a business that raises capital through the release of stocks and shares and oh my, aren’t shareholders then a wonderful way to effectively impede the doing of your business, because doesn’t everything becomes about doing everything for the new god, (same as the old god) shareholder value? And so other doers go and get all invisible cloaked and go private for a while.

And when that’s all done, go home and do dinner.

Do, Doing, Done.









Then, think again. Put it all in a circle.  Then think it, and when you think it through, then you can thunk it done.

Thank you.

*end of rant*


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Toronto, Canada. Writing about slices of life, the moments and minor details of which come into awareness or out of imagination and the spaces inbetween.
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8 Responses to DO.

  1. Terrisita says:

    It has been a mercifully long time since I felt that pressure to “do”, and I am grateful for it. Not that occasions don’t arise that the need to DO don’t occur, but fortunately for me, my life is designed to avoid the underwhelming/overwhelming pressure…simply because I am no longer able to process it. C’est dommage! (must admit though FCS, my bloodpressure DID rise reading this…well done!)

  2. LF says:

    Uh, I see the name of the song was posted in the opening credits. Right.
    That whole CD is beautiful. He sings a pretty song called Jolene. Anyway, it’s def. worth picking up. Over and out. L

  3. LF says:

    Thought you’d like that line. The song is called “Be Here Now.” I forgot to mention that. But you prob. figured that one out!

  4. LF says:

    Way to sum up why I got the hell outta Dodge. I felt a whiplash from the last soul-sucking adventure working for “the man”.
    Striking out on one’s own has myriad challenges but there isn’t anything that entices me back to what you’ve scarily described in this post.
    I might be a little directionless now but I’ll take sitting with this over what you’ve written any day.

    • me says:

      LF: … those times between where you were where you are and where you will be are perhaps the fullest moments as you are able to take things in and process — in retrospect. So here’s the thing: without a map, you can’t get lost, you’re just in an adventure, and how can you be directionless when you’re driving and the only north pole is you, which, like the earth’s magnetic NP keeps shifting anyway? And who said (at least a WHO that you care to listen to) that you HAVE to have a direction? If you need one… how about this one: stand up….close your eyes and turn yourself around a few times and then BE. HERE. NOW.

      • LF says:

        Yep. I know it and am practicing practicing it. Good song by Ray Lamontagne btw
        I listened to this a lot when I moved down east…

      • me says:

        L: a life of practice 🙂 the music — tones, pacing, crescendo, instrumentation, harmonies, notes — get into your cells…. wow. thanks. lyrics too ……”don’t put your trust in walls because walls will only crush you when they fall” ….

  5. scimmia says:

    Looks like you read my mind! I am exhausted now, but gotta get up and go DO DO DO DO DO DO DO.

    Thank you for describing what I am feeling every day of my doing (work). For a while there, I thought it was just me and I was losing my mind — probably just misplaced it under a pile of do-do.

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