FINALLY! Clue to ancestor of people who do not fit found in Siberia!

News Flash: new branch in human family tree just found

You might have heard of the recent archeological find of an “ancient” child’s pinky finger bone in the Denisova Cave in Southern Siberia’s Altai Mountain from a child who lived on the planet some time ago.

The DNA suggests an “unknown type of human, nicknamed X-Woman,” coexisted with Neanderthals and our own species between 30,000 to 50,000 years ago.

The findings are to be published in this week’s issue of the journal, Nature.

“Whoever carried this mtDNA out of Africa was a creature that was not on our radar screen before,” co-author Svante Paabo, director of genetics at the renowned Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, told Discovery News.”

This is an astonishing find on a number of levels, which I believe are as follows.

1. X-Women existed before X-men.

2. Siberia will be famous for more than the Gulag.

3. Yet more evidence that science is the coolest thing we know of to call up questions about all the mysteries in and of the universe. Next to all the things that science can and never will answer, that is.

4. People who do not fit any neat category, box, label now have an ancestor that they can call our their own.

Allow me to elaborate on the fourth point.

Evolutionists say that homo sapiens won  the battle of the fittest over Neanderthals and whatever other hominids were wandering around at the time.

Maybe.  We’ll never know with any great degree of certainty.

But what if the smart X-Women, who potentially left Africa some 500,000 years before anyone else — because she was more curious, needed her space and just all ’round adventurous and cool for her time — figured out that the best way to keep on keeping on was to cozy up in the caveman bar to the cooler guys with slightly less body hair and pass the smarts, the curiosity, the seeking spirit, and the who-said-it-has-to-be-done-THAT-way mode of thinking along to the kids? As you know, intelligence is passed through the female line.

I’m thinking that all those people who are slightly off centre, who think differently, who look at the world and wonder why there is not a place for them can imagine an early ancestor who felt the same way and set out on a path not yet formed with a heart full of wonder, a spirit full of whatever it is that makes you leave home for new lands and the audacity not to care what people think, even if you do end up in a cave in Siberia.

I cannot wait for the next find.

In other equally astonishing albeit non-science related news, it seems the male members of the band Abba might consider a reunion. The women however, might feel differently.  One is a recluse and one is a princess. Need I say more?


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