Some days are like this…

a raised eyebrow sort of wandering pondering.


…I finally slipped out of bed from a night of fitful, 20-minute blocks of sleep, even though getting up is the last thing I want to do. In fact, all I want to do is go back to bed and sleep HALF as good as my dog or my bird seem to be able to sleep. But I’ll have my espresso, read a few things, and growl to myself about not sleeping.

Lack of sleep doesn’t always make me growl. Sometimes it makes me very, very cuddly and cute.  Othertimes, it makes me grrsome and I wander around with a dangerous arch to my eyebrow that keeps all sorts of dragons away. People worry about what I might be thinking, but that’s just silly.  I’m not thinking anything. The arched eyebrow is to keep my eyes open.

I’m more quiet when I’m sleep deprived. But there’s a reason for that, too. My silence is so that I don’t growl at people or things which, in my sleep deprived state, I have NO patience for.  Silence also helps me avoid that foot-in-mouth disease since the aperture on the filter between my thoughts and my mouth is set to wide open meaning NO barrier whatsoever: everything can pass through, which is helpful oh, let’s say, ONLY when one is talking in dreamworld.

Sleep deprivation and exhaustion is apparently reaching epidemic proportions. But what bad, harmful, insidious, hurtful, fattening, orgasm-inducing, push for manic levels of productivity, shopping-therapy-to-fix-the-economy and find that 15 minutes of reality fame insanity thing isn’t reaching epidemic proportions as the days inexorably march toward December 21, 2012?

That’s if you believe everything you read or hear in mainstream media or see on twitter, or on facebook or what’s texted to you or what you read in corporate bumpf or what you peruse on websites devoted to the end of the world as we know it.

Maybe there is a guy with wild eyebrows and a wild moustache pulling levers behind a curtain. Maybe there is a mad conductor whipping his orchestra musicians to create some soul-splitting cacophony that wafts across the quantum dimensions as a universal unharmonic sound and tone that we can all feel but not hear and that speeds up the minutes and the days, marching us at a fast clip toward some uber crazed crescendo, following which we all either crash or explode, or become vampires, or zombies or devil’s spawn or socialists or communists or heaven forbid, clear-thinking individuals who work cooperatively, compassionately to sustain the community of humanity.

Maybe, if you turn the same coin over, it is equally easy to believe that if we live right, believe right, wear the colour indigo, do new age dances at Stonehenge, and visit the energy vortices in Sedona, Arizona, we will ensure a finer vibration and ascend to a higher plane of existence where there is no low vibration only unity and no need for toilets.

Oh please.

It seems critical thinking and common sense and all the goodness in the world gets far less air play and above-the-fold page space than ever before.

However, if you think things are speeding up, you might be right.  Read this from Harvard Business Review’s daily stat:

“People who had been subliminally exposed to fast-food logos read a 349-word passage in an average of 69 seconds, compared with a control group’s 84 seconds, though there was no time pressure, according to a study of 57 undergraduates. Researchers Chen-Bo Zhong and Sanford E. DeVoe of the University of Toronto suggest that the time-saving principle embodied by fast food unconsciously induces haste.”

Hmm. This is not news, really. That wizard and his fast food: even vegetarians  and vegans can microwave and consume foods that come from every living thing without a face; that require little digestive traction and has the same nutritional value as all the other frozen convenience foods. And they can do it fast, which is good for vegetarians and vegans, because even they can do away with time wasted eating to be productive because productivity is important. The mix of speed and productivity is a religion that supports a competitive edge … and what was I saying?

Oh right. ADHD.

This just in from Science Daily:  “A team of scientists from the University of Montreal and Harvard University discovered that exposure to organophosphate pesticides may be associated with increased risk of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children. The study focused on 1,139 children from the general U.S. population and measured pesticide levels in their urine. The authors conclude that exposure to organophosphate pesticides, at levels common among U.S. children, may contribute to a diagnosis of ADHD.”

And I thought to myself: amazing what a little pee can tell you, isn’t it?

One of the study’s authors said, “Our study found that exposure to organophosphates in developing children might have effects on neural systems and could contribute to ADHD behaviors, such as inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. ”


The SAME pesticide is used in animal flea collars. The same pesticide affects animals in similar ways. I’m NOT wearing a flea collar, so I can focus a minute as I acknowledge that it’s bad policy to look at a single study and suggest broad generalizations like I just did. Besides, I am STILL processing the other study, the one in which I learned that I might still have remnant DNA of Neanderthal in me, (not the wine) which does explain a few things. Did I mention I’m sleep deprived?

I really need to stop reading and thinking and go to find some sleep.

Since it is not possible to stop the world because I want off or to hike to a slower plane of existence, I am starting a small movement to take back a day of rest. Not a religious thing, just a day of rest, to make brownies, hang out. It might be Sunday. Or not. But a day a week of rest. I know I need it. Do you?


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  1. ValerieD says:

    Need rest? you bet.
    And joining a Rest-for-a-day-a-week movement ? With You?
    Oh that sounds soOOOoooo good. I’ll bring the brownies…. 😉

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