Urban Camouflage

My feelings about war and hunting of any sort aside, I do understand — when engaged in such activities — for camouflage: meld into/with the environment so the other side, or the hunted can neither see nor detect you as you plot and plan away.

Got that.

However, I do not get the designer-fashionista-mass adoption of forest, jungle and desert camouflage on the runways and for everyday wear for people or dogs. And I so do not get calling it Urban Camouflage.

People, are some things not just DUMB?

On principle I don’t wear camouflage. But even if I did, I would truly wonder about the efficacy of PINK camouflage.

Exactly what, pray tell, in the urban world is that pink and where is that pink so pervasive that by wearing it, you’d merge into the surroundings, hidden in plain view? Not like we have flocks of flamingos or herds of pink elephants on every street corner. Well, not in Toronto we don’t.  Wait: there was a breakout of pink eye not too long ago….oh, and the pink fibreglass insulation we use in Canada bears a passing resemblance in colour tone and hue to some camo…

And so I ask again: People! Are some things just not dumb?

I am going to start counting all the people I see wearing any shade of camouflage..and should the mood strike me, I am going to stop, smile sweetly and say… Hey!  I still see you!!


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