THIS is the way it rolls!

You might consider yourself a cultured, clean, erudite, well-mannered individual. You might be confident about your ability to breeze easily through any and all social situations knowing which fork to use, how to hold your knife properly when cutting food on your plate, the difference between hors d’oeuvres and appetizers, the proper way to eat soup, the right glasses to use for white, red or frizzante wines and why each needs to be different.

Where you do not know — when you are faced with new situations, new people, new cultural contexts — you are astute enough to pick out who does know and emulate them and on very rare occasions, even ask someone in that highly diplomatic way that sounds as if you are confirming your knowledge rather than showing your lack of it.

You are also the sort to organize your home in such a way as to impart the same message about yourself: you are refined in a laissez-faire kind of way: stacks of magazines and books, but no cobwebs, no dust bunnies to scoot out across the floor telling tales on you; no dishes in the sink. The counters are clean and clear, all the art on the wall is level. There are no huge toothpaste splats on the bathroom sink faucet. You offer your guests tea, coffee, water. (Pop is verboten in your household, as is juice: both are equally unhealthy for different reasons.)

And yet, you are so not rocking that refined thing, babe. Your toilet paper roll is sitting incorrectly on its holder.

There is only one way that toilet paper is supposed to roll and that is from the top, or over position. Want proof? Here’s a diagram I lifted from another site that explains the right and wrong way to have TP roll from its holder.

the way it's done -- and not

Now, you might be rebelling against all that good manners and proper etiquette and want to show your secret sloppy anarchist self in the misguided notion that you are showing solidarity with the people on the planet who do not have toilet paper and being creative to boot; that’s fine. But the thing about TP over (good) is that it collects less germs and is less likely to unravel when the gremlins get to the roll and set it free all over the house, which seems to happen on occasion, specially with kittens, puppies and kids and sometimes, over-zealous TP pullers.

Good hotels do it. Good friends do it. Now that you know, YOU can do it too!

As for me? I was taught to curtsey to the queen, so MY manners are fine thank you very much.


Amendment to include the Truth after the pseudofactoids

Unlike the right fork to use to eat salad and the right spoon to use to stir coffee, there actually is no right way to put TP on the holder: it’s a matter of personal preference although people can come up with lots and lots and lots of solid and seemingly scientific reasons to support their preference.

So, other than the visual aesthetic (design+marketing) that allows hotels to make cute little V-points when the TP is in the over position, it really doesn’t matter over vs. under: as long as there is a roll and it’s reachable when it’s needed, it’s all good. And isn’t that the only point of TP?

Cat-type people showing a preference for over


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2 Responses to THIS is the way it rolls!

  1. Eleanor says:

    Hi, I was just doing a little ‘tag surfing’ and I fell across your site. I just wanted to say that I agree totally with the toilet roll direction issue – I have actually changed the orientation of other people’s rolls if I see they’ve got it wrong!
    Also, I love the photo of the cats; I have a demon toilet roll eating monster too.

    • FS says:

      Hello — glad you could drop in. Ah, you are braver than I am: I haven’t the courage to change the orientation of other people’s TP rolls….but it might come to that, if I can train the dogs to do it for me ;-). That way I can claim innocence.

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