Writering: Where the story goes


You know how it is: a word or a sentence or paragraph or idea bubbles up, or you catch it and you turn it over and over in your mind and in a little while you have a story, or an article or an essay that has a very clear beginning and clear middle with easy, smooth transitions and an ending that wraps it all up neatly together in a great, logical way that makes perfect sense and will be an easy, interesting read.

And then you sit down to write. And everything you had planned to write and say evaporates. Yet you are writing and what you are writing is going somewhere else, somewhere very different, somewhere you could not have imagined if you took 5,000 courses on creativity, and what you are writing contains things you never think about or dream about and yet different words and sentences and paragraphs are pouring out of you onto the virtual page.

This is not automatic or otherworldly writing. This is the prepared, curious mind doing its work. The story or article or essay is writing you, taking you along. So you go, to see what it has to show you.

When it’s finished you leave it for a few days to settle and when you go back to edit and refine it, you find that you recognize this piece of work as yours and that it is the story what you wanted to tell and what you wanted to say all along.




About FS

Toronto, Canada. Writing about slices of life, the moments and minor details of which come into awareness or out of imagination and the spaces inbetween.
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