Day Four: In which life gets in the way

Today’s post is brought to you by the well-rounded letter B:

which stands for a big BOO. Here’s why: as part of the world’s largest photography festival, there are talks going on all across the city. Since I said yes to writing a feature article, not only do I have to get my behind in a chair and write, I’ve got a lot of research to do. As luck or mean gods would have it, there was a two-hour lecture that is precisely the kind of background I need, given by a prominent Japanese photographer and wouldn’t you know it? Great honking horny toads, I couldn’t go.

So, Boo.

I couldn’t go because I had a commitment, a dinner with a friend, a dinner I had rescheduled once already and was not going to reschedule again.

It’s good to see friends. Have a life. Not worry about things and enjoy being part of the human race. But I had this niggling worry at the back of my head that I was missing something important that could be helpful as I slog through this latest writing thing.

It left me wondering about the wisdom of scheduling research, scheduling life and scheduling writing. If I learn of important and relevant things at the last-minute, do I shift things around? Will my writing be damaged if I miss out on talks, movies, conversations that will educate me and make be a better writer? I don’t know, ergo the niggling feeling.

And yet, the time spent with my friend was good. She reminded me that no matter what you do and what your plans are, there are some things that hit you in the chest and just hang there, opening your heart in spite of itself and there just aren’t easy-to-find words for that to explain what that’s all about.

So instead of writing, or preparing for writing, I spent time in life, nurturing a friendship even though it meant missing out on something that will help me prepare to write the article that I am scared to write.

I am not sure how well I would live if I could not write, but I know I’d live less well, and my writing would suffer, were I to do it — or anything — without friends, without a life, even if it sometimes gets in the way.


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