Day Six: Words Glorious Words!

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Once a long time ago as a magical-thinking kid, I thought that if I pressed my forehead to all the books I wanted to read for a few minutes (longer if it was a big book) that the contents of the book would somehow land in my brain and be available to me. Alas and to my everlasting disappointment, no matter HOW many times I tried, it didn’t work. As a pre-teen, I learned that Edgar Cayce used to fall asleep with a book and apparently know it when he woke up.  I put books under my pillow. Didn’t work either.

My father had a different approach, involving work: he gave me books that I had to ‘study’ and report back to him what I had learned — and it was an incredibly odd collection of books. Vocabulary building books, speed reading, biographies of achievers, discoverers of all sorts. I’ll not delve into the psychology of that, save to say that I often wondered if my father wanted a first-born son instead of a daughter, and if he had big dreams for me to be the next woman discover or adventurer. And in that way of unintended consequences, I am that. Terminal curiosity brings me to discovery and adventure all the time in life and in writing.

Today: I am famished, hungry for words. I want to consume as many words as I can so that when I need them they will be there, ready to work: words to do what I need to do to say what I want to say (which I sometimes don’t know until it’s out there on the virtual page, or in one of my 35 notebooks of different sizes).

Today is also a research day. I think it’s typical to research along the many layers of a subject, and as I research a thing or a person, I also take in the lexicon, jargon and as much as possible, immerse myself in the vocabulary of the subject I am researching; learning the language so I can understand the nuances and topic enough to ask slightly informed questions about it. I get to learn how the same words are used differently in different contexts, which means I get to learn new things about words. How cool is that? It is completely greedy on my part.

Surrounded by books and magazines and periodicals, starved for words to roll around in my brain and on my tongue, to then verbalise and vocalise these words bringing them to life, I feel like Oliver Twist: “Please sir, can I have some more?”


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