Of critics and comments

There are now four people who read this blog and I am thankful that there are four people in this world who are gracious enough to use some of their precious and limited time to read the articles I post. Because it is only four people, you can imagine my surprise when I opened up my blog this morning to start writing something new and saw that there were 17 comments.

The comments were in the spam catcher. So I opened it to see that the last number of posts have generated comments from different people, names I didn’t recognize. Because not everything that lands in the spam catcher is actually spam, I looked and spent a few minutes reading each comment. It took less than 20 seconds: each one was worded exactly the same way:

great post on an interesting subject. As I read it, I kept hoping that something would fall from the sky and crush me to put an end to my misery of wasting time reading this…

Spam comments across five different posts.  At least, I am hoping they are spam comments. My heart sank. Mine is a teeny tiny blog. I can not imagine what would attract the attention of spammers.

I didn’t know if I should try to understand it or just accept it as a mean thing that some people do and chalk it up to the experience of writing a personal blog.

Understanding it is a challenge.

To this day, I have yet to find any way to understand intentional meanness and intentional spite and intentional callous, hurtful behaviour toward other human beans, so I am left with accepting it as a stupid thing that some people do and chalk it up to the experience and the price of keeping a blog.

I like getting critical feedback: it’s helpful and productive and I get to learn from it and I get to talk to people about different things and the end product is always better.

Is it mean of me if for two seconds I hope that the Warner Brother’s Acme Anvil falls out of the sky on the spammers and knocks some sense into all of them?


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7 Responses to Of critics and comments

  1. Terrisita says:

    Shannon, Finding my way,….and other anonymous blog reader, I think we need superhero uniforms. Think of it, the Fearless Four all decked out in spam-fighting gear, with some cool special spam-deleting weapons (like the anvil but with sound effects and cool graphics like Batman had) CRUNCH! BIF! KRACK! CONTROL/ ALT/DELETE! THIS DATA WILL BE LOST FOREVER!! F7 (I don’t know what that does, but it begged to be said) Just promise me there won’t be spandex involved…(women of a certain age should know their fashion limits!) Oh, and FS…I’m pretty sure there are more than four of us. WE ARE LEGION…we just need a little exposure….

  2. finding my way says:

    Some of my neurons take an extra moment and the excitement of their neighbors to understand. It’s all of the assumptions I live with that are to blame… But in this case, the rest of my neurons agree, it didn’t make sense at first. It was a puzzle.

    • How could a blog, so full of intelligent commentary and sparkling humor, have only four regular readers?
    • How could a blog, so well written that it’s a joy to read, only have four regular readers?

    Doesn’t make sense, does it?

    Still in the fog of my assumptions, I read the words of Terrisita, “As one of the Fearless Four…I can only agree with Shannon. And no, I don’t think the ACME anvil is nearly mean enough.”

    I nodded to myself in agreement and thought, “Only if it was a really big anvil and not nearly as cartoony.”

    That’s when the neurons fired. A huge grin found my face and I thought, “WoooHoooHooo… I’m one of the, Fearless Four.” Having four older brothers, you can imagine how I’ve always wished to be…

    If the comments aren’t gone forever, send them over to my page. I’m sure I can come up with seventeen evilly funny replies. Once those neurons start firing, I have a tough time quieting them 😎

    • fs says:

      Dear FMW: Thank you 🙂 I hit the delete SPAM button after taking the words and deleted those suckers — their addresses from gmail., hotmail, ymail, aol mail and the other emails I didn’t recognize… forever. Apparently responding to blast SPAM can have a deleterious outcome and it’s been a challenging enough day… and oh; let the neurons be free to ping and bounce and explode at will. While I am against violence in all forms, the ACME anvil squashes without….eliminating in any permanent way, the pesky varmints. I’m all for that.

  3. Terrisita says:

    As one of the Fearless Four…I can only agree with Shannon. And no, I don’t think the ACME anvil is nearly mean enough. Frankly, I don’t think that they are generated by individuals at an individual, perse, rather a random attack on one of the key words that is associated with your work (and that of others). It is a pleasure to read your writering. Every post. I know nothing of “spam” stuff, other than my mailbox is always full of it. Sadly though, one must admit that we are not living in kinder, gentler times, that nasty people seem to have far too much time on their hands, and a knowledge of how to be annoying that is far beyond my abilities (to be annoying, I mean). There must be a way to turn this on the originating address, but my knowledge of any and all things technical are sadly lacking in a decidedly Luddite kind of way. I’m thinking that if the catcher is on, spare yourself the disappointment, and let that spam go where ever spamcatchers take it. (Or, we can take down those addresses and have some fun!) And my dear, I have to say, that I find it delightful that you can’t understand intentional meanness, intentional spite, and intentional callous behaviour. I think the only people who truly understand inflicting intentionally hurtful behaviours are those that can inflict them. And you aren’t of that ilk. So there! Take that you blog haters!! Go away and pick on someone mean and spiteful and callous!! We are going to delete you and you won’t exist any more!! Well…I feel better.

    • fs says:

      Dearest T: Thank you; thank you for making a boo-boo feel better. I think the kinder gentler is also quieter, and I know there’s lots of it out there. There has to be. ((hugs))

  4. shannon says:

    I don’t know what a spam comment is, I assume it is something random that catches your blog. Maybe something has granted this person’s wish by now 🙂

    I wonder who bothers putting together elaborate internet hoaxes. But there are so many better things to do. Like reading your blog.

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