Lost in the fog


Lost in the fog. Not seeing clearly. Not knowing. Uncertainty. Not understanding.

The horizon is there and I am here and I can’t know the horizon unless I go to it, seek it out, put my hands and feet and lips on it, touch it, breathe it in. And yet? And yet, the horizon line does not exist. It is a concept, an imaginary line, constructed, construed from nothing into something and when you arrive at it, it is not there, or it’s moved or it’s rendered invisible by the very eyes that are looking so hard for it.

We cannot imagine endless infinity so we parse it out according to what our eyes and brain can take in. Create a horizon line, a line of sight that’s framed, that promises what’s digestible, knowable.

There is no fog, no getting lost, no horizon line to find, no frame, no infinity to worry about. There is perspective. There is choice. There is weather, there is mind and there is a mental map that can make a mess of everything. There is here and now and there and then and a rock in a river that knows it comes from mountain.

Fog machines do their job. The line is lost or moved or erased or turned around or exchanged. It beckons unseen from beyond a doorway, through the gated mists of not knowing, with whispers of trusting, of doing, of sensing, of being here, now.


About FS

Toronto, Canada. Writing about slices of life, the moments and minor details of which come into awareness or out of imagination and the spaces inbetween.
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5 Responses to Lost in the fog

  1. letempspasse says:

    We wake up and go to sleep?
    Ah…. but are you certain we wake up? Maybe we are all deeply sedated and caught up in layers of dreams, while a bunch of extraterrestrials are making experiments on our bags of water (you know the ones with the electrical and magnetic fields?)
    PS You’d think with our evolved minds we could have come up with a more eco-friendly way of creating our expectations than jet propulsion….

  2. FS says:

    Oh my gosh… yes. Totally. While not my intent to be obtuse, or obfuscate. I am fascinated by how we construct reality for ourselves, the stories we tell, and how we set up places to get to that will make up happy. I am curious about how people stumble, when there are moments that some people have of not being clear, of being in a fog, of thinking the goals posts are set somewhere in some distance, and they get there only to find that what they expected isn’t there at all. And throw in a bit of Zen, Hindu philosophy as informing… (If that makes sense).

    • letempspasse says:

      Well that’s a relief! Wouldn’t want you to go out in a thick fog, accidentally end up in the middle of an intersection or something, and get run over by some nut driving a Landrover… 😉
      Ah… The construct of our reality: where does it start? when does it end? What if our waking state reality is no more real than that of our dreams, where time and space do not obey the laws of physics, and people you know are actually strangers, and red is not a color but just a feeling? I, too, am fascinated by all that you describe. Dreams, ambitions, expectations. Getting lost on the way and realizing that what you wanted was right beside you, all along, and what you thought you needed and had been aiming for, was never that important…
      Life. Especially Human life. What a mystery, isn’t it?
      PS: BTY, thank you. I learned a new word today: obfuscate. I like it. Always fun to add new words to my vocabulary 🙂

      • FS says:

        Red isn’t a feeling? A sensation? I am gutted! And I corrected my keying error, too. I hate when I do that.

        Dreamtime, one mind, many aspects, nature of reality, objective reality…. tis all a mystery. and a wonder. and amazing. we wake up and go to sleep. I think it is not possible to know…except we do not seem, as a species to be content with the as is, we want more, and then to transcend it. Perhaps it is enough to be aware. Mindful. And not expect that our expectations are our reality so much as the mind’s version of jet propulsion..

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