Words on a page


There’s a notion in your head and it might have a shape or a feeling if you thought about it, but right now what this notion is that you can’t name seems to want to get out of where you’re keeping it before it turns into a feeling of restlessness that can’t be calmed by a walk, by a tea, by a talk, by music, by yoga or by going for a drive.

This notion is a feeling or an idea or a thought or a character or a setting or an experience that somehow got into you, maybe under the radar of your conscious awareness and for however long it’s been there, taken root and germinated, today is the day, now is the time that it wants to come out; now is the time that it’s coursing through your blood, pushing through the chambers of your heart and sparking through the folds of your brain and the fascia of your body: today, the only way it will come out is in words. Not out loud, spoken words.

Release is written words, readable words, words said in mind, words that will only come out when the path from your head, your gut and your heart and mind have all fallen into place creating a single path, a space through which to convey send words, bring them to fruition, to a manifest reality. Words on a page.

Then it’s done. An hour, a day, a week, a month later. Many words on many pages.  Words that paint a picture, tell a story, provide a direction, offer a release. A thing started and finished.

And when you read all those words that came from a notion you had floating around in your mind, you’re left feeling a mix of relief and letdown, a residual feeling when that particular kind of writing spell is done, a writing spell that leaves your words on a page, words that when placed together sound as if they’ve always been there, as if they belong there, as if they are calm, clear and confident being there: as if they own the space and you had little to do with getting them there except to provide the means of transportation.


About FS

Toronto, Canada. Writing about slices of life, the moments and minor details of which come into awareness or out of imagination and the spaces inbetween.
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4 Responses to Words on a page

  1. letempspasse says:

    Whaaaat? 17 senses? You mean I SLEPT through almost the entire lecture? I only heard about there first 5! Geesh, I always new my ignorance had no boundary…Now as far as my belief system goes, I guess I’d first have to figure out if I have one. I Believe: that would be a good title for a post, wouldn’t it?

  2. letempspasse says:

    Dear FS,
    A great translation of the feelings I have been having, more so very recently. You must be psychic! For some reason, I need to write more these days. Should I dare to say: the thought of writing is almost obsessive. Curious that when I do, sometimes the vocabulary doesn’t even sound like me. Words I seldom use. Adjectives or verbs I didn’t remember I knew. Is it really me talking or am I just a vehicle, for some bizarre force that’s using me, just because my fingers are over the keyboard? (insert Twilight Zone theme here)

    • FS says:

      or, perhaps like those surprise underwater volcanos that suddenly erupt forming new islands…those volcanoes that were always there but somehow manage to surprise the scientists? This might harken back to notions of self… how we limit it by thinking it a fixed thing, when the science is showing that’s simply not the case, and one thing that writing does is provide a bypass and open up those avenues to all parts of self, give voice to different aspects of self… anyway, I won’t riff on that here. For some, writing is perhaps one way of distilling all of the information that our 17 senses take in… but more on that in other posts. 😉 As for whether it’s you, that all depends on what belief systems you hold.

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