It’s about writing

Understanding that the map is not the territory, recognizing that this is simply a jumping off point and that what you read here one day is not an accurate prediction of what you might read here another day, here’s what is likely to remain constant about this blog, for as long as it lasts as it pertains to writing about writing. It is:

  • Anchored and mostly everything about writing; what feeds and nurtures the spirit and act of writing, what helps and hinders and hurts the spirit and act of writing.
  • Often about the real hard work of writing, the process of writing, or what I call writering, and all the things that bump into it, including life and living.
  • about what enables writing: A – Z, the alphabet, the scaffolding of writing: the letters, the words, the sentences, the thinking, reading, the discipline, the art, the STUFF of writing.
  • about having writing read and edited by people, rather than monkeys.
  • sometimes about getting writing published somewhere other than a blog.

I am a bylined writer and editor, a Communications professional, a lover of words, word usage, word play, language and linguistics. I nurture an obsession about the alphabet, typefaces, graphic design, books, paper, pens, storytelling, language, translation, the Tower of Babel story, communication, humanity, creatures great and small and sometimes, individual people.

In another life I might have been a storyteller, or a hermit, or a lady adventurer.

Canadian citizen, English upbringing, multicult influences.


One Response to It’s about writing

  1. tinababab says:

    And a most insightful and talented writer I would add too.

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