About this blog

Here are thoughts, written. Slices of a life, observations. A few rants. Some wonderings and questions and sharing of some things that break my heart. All stories. Stuff about writing, stuff about life and sometimes even stuff about the writing life.

Consider yourself warned. I will not always make it easy. Or cheap. (That’s for my evil, albeit undiscovered twin to do and she refuses to blog.)  I started to blog because I was curious about it and because the rule is that a writer should blog. I don’t believe that all rules are right all the time.

I do believe in rising above…taking the high road and raising my eyebrow.

As for me, I live in the east(ish) near-downtown area of Toronto, in a residential area near a great dog park. I am always on the hunt for the perfect God shot of espresso with perfect crema; great bookstores, great conversations and the perfect alignment and symmetry of English words when placed together just so create the perfect sentence — perfect in sentiment, meaning, impact. I know it’s out there.

I write. Sometimes I get paid for it, too. Feel free to comment, suggest topics, ask questions, share with friends.