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What to do when you don’t know what to do

Just stop. Stop. Pause. Take a break. Rest. Hold still. Cease and desist. Be still. Just be. And listen. To your heartbeat. To the sounds around you. After a moment or two, you can start all over again. Maybe now … Continue reading

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Between Then and Now

Photo by FS — clocks on the wall of a Toronto shop   Between then and now (if by then you mean the last time we saw each other to get caught up with the happenings inside and outside of us … Continue reading

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Three ways to avoid life

  1. Don’t care. 2. Don’t commit. 3. Don’t accept the reality that everything changes.      

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Lost in the fog

~~ Lost in the fog. Not seeing clearly. Not knowing. Uncertainty. Not understanding. The horizon is there and I am here and I can’t know the horizon unless I go to it, seek it out, put my hands and feet … Continue reading

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A change of name

~~ Scene: Dark-haired woman in front of a microphone, facing a desktop computer. Action: Woman Tap-Tap-Tapping the microphone. Dialogue: “Is this thing on? Oh. It Is. Good, then.” <Sound of her clearing her throat. She begins.> ~~ To paraphrase Joan … Continue reading

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