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Life with a Pet

Part 1: A creative prompt about describing life with pets. The response could be in any media and I chose to do it in writing.  Well, not a choice. More of an experience. A stream of consciousness that spent its time capturing feelings and … Continue reading

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All that I know

~~ Breathing in, I know I’m breathing in. Observe. Notice that pause platform, that attosecond of time between the end of the in-breath and start of the out-breath, that neglected, imperceptible space that’s part of the most basic, automatic and … Continue reading

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Knowing and not knowing: grumpy, meandering thoughts

~~ We know this: we live and breathe and sleep and love and cuddle and laugh and cry and create and eat and sing and dance and scream on a planet in a galaxy with a sun and a moon … Continue reading

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A wish for today

So much for seeing things clearly. So much for morning meditation practice to train my brain, to humbly touch that point of equanimity which rekindles the deep, abiding blood knowledge: it is what it is. And because it is what it … Continue reading

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It’s about time and a dog

~~ Time. A construct of human making; a quiet, inescapable, omnipresent and overlooked ruler of a human life, sometimes benevolent, sometimes tyrannical; counted in the busy world through seconds, minutes, days, months, years, major and minor life events, celebrity sightings … Continue reading

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