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stuff about Toronto: not necessarily the hot stuff, but day to day living and only one person’s perspective at that.

Three ways to avoid life

  1. Don’t care. 2. Don’t commit. 3. Don’t accept the reality that everything changes.       Advertisements

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Stopped on the street

Going for a walk with the dog in the afternoon is usually a safe activity. Quiet. Just me and my dog. We — Gia (little dog) and I — didn’t think anything of the slightly disheveled, grey-haired guy heading toward us. We … Continue reading

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Knowing and not knowing: grumpy, meandering thoughts

~~ We know this: we live and breathe and sleep and love and cuddle and laugh and cry and create and eat and sing and dance and scream on a planet in a galaxy with a sun and a moon … Continue reading

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Once, we believed in unicorn horns

As people wonder about accelerated climate change causing crazy weather across the globe, all sorts of other crazy is crawling out of the woodwork in the unusually warm weather: women in stiletto heels walking on cobblestones. Actually, they are trying … Continue reading

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Way too early for Christmas

~~ Shopping. On a Saturday. On Dundas Street West, edging through Chinatown to get to TenRen’s Tea shop to see if it carried a special tea thingy: a tall double-walled glass tumbler with a self-contained tea strainer to hold loose … Continue reading

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