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There isn’t a thank you big enough

“We’re gonna put you through hell,” the doctors said. “It’ll be brutal, but we’re confident it will work.” Because I want to live I said okay, registering the fear that was coursing through my body and the concern for the special someones in … Continue reading

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Missing: metaphors

I’m looking for a metaphor. Actually, maybe 200 or so. I don’t know how many are gone but I can’t find any so I’m guessing all of them. Gone are the silly, luscious, colourful, insightful and succinct metaphors stored in the prison of … Continue reading

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Looking here, there and everywhere all at once

~~ I’m looking for something. Looking everywhere because it could be anywhere in any universe, galaxy, world, plane of existence, past or future or worse: it could also be in the here and now, in the eternal present, or in … Continue reading

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Today’s considerations

It seems to me that every once in a while a little mental shot of caffeine is helpful, stuff to think about, stuff to wake us up from our somnabulistic routines of everyday living because life is both too long and … Continue reading

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I am certain that this sign makes perfect sense to someone, somewhere, and as a result of this sign, I am equally certain that someone, somewhere upped their awareness and had a better day: perhaps saw some ghosts; witnessed that … Continue reading

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