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There isn’t a thank you big enough

“We’re gonna put you through hell,” the doctors said. “It’ll be brutal, but we’re confident it will work.” Because I want to live I said okay, registering the fear that was coursing through my body and the concern for the special someones in … Continue reading

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All that I know

~~ Breathing in, I know I’m breathing in. Observe. Notice that pause platform, that attosecond of time between the end of the in-breath and start of the out-breath, that neglected, imperceptible space that’s part of the most basic, automatic and … Continue reading

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Bad drivers

~~ Some scientists have recently made headway in creating an invisibility cloak similar to the one used by Harry Potter. It’s all very complicated, involving things that scientists get involved in like light refraction and microwaves and super-thin bits of … Continue reading

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Looking here, there and everywhere all at once

~~ I’m looking for something. Looking everywhere because it could be anywhere in any universe, galaxy, world, plane of existence, past or future or worse: it could also be in the here and now, in the eternal present, or in … Continue reading

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When it’s crazy, breathe

The times they are a’changin’ and when times are a’changin’, well; people deal differently with change, don’t they? For some, any change is scary and they get confused and concerned and go with the crowd with its wacked mentality. For others it’s … Continue reading

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