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Three ways to avoid life

  1. Don’t care. 2. Don’t commit. 3. Don’t accept the reality that everything changes.       Advertisements

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The Keepers The Threads of Love, of Friendship, of Family. This year was like no other. Nourishing. Maddening. Arousing. Life enhancing. Forehead to forehead. Fingers laced together. Big hugs. Feasts in foreign lands. Slouch on the couch for movies and … Continue reading

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Tiny bits of Toronto

For a long time, some people I know who worked together would often jump into each other’s offices and roar…Let’s go F’coffee! Or if it was a bit more of a political day, saunter up to doorway, lean in and … Continue reading

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A Mouse, A Trap and Some Peanut Butter

I love the outdoors. Trees, Water. Rocks. Parks. Beaches. Forests and deserts and lakes and gardens. Heck, even lawn grass. Getting outside is definitely a beautiful thing. At the same time, I like being able to escape the outside and … Continue reading

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One afternoon, as I was sitting at a table in Kalendar Restaurant + Bistro on College Street in Toronto, waiting for a friend, minding my own business albeit with my ears open to the world around me, the sounds of … Continue reading

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