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It’s a thing

I don’t recognize the number. Because I’m waiting for a call, I answer.  A pleasant male voice asks, “may I speak with Frances?” Due to a cold and complicated bunch of other things, my voice barely registers as human. But I plod on and in … Continue reading

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If words have no meaning

~~ If words have no meaning, we wouldn’t need them. And if we didn’t need words, we wouldn’t need an alphabet. We wouldn’t need a language or grammar and syntax or the fields of Semiotics or Linguistics. We couldn’t hurt each … Continue reading

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Where do words go?

~~ Where do words go once realized into life by a mind and a consciousness, only to be looked at but never whispered, never said, never released? Are they forgotten? Neglected? Swallowed, digested, flushed down a toilet into the sewer, … Continue reading

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Writing words today

~~ How have you been with your words today? How did you use them? Did you use your best words? And did you know you were using them?  If not, why not, and if so, what did knowing help you … Continue reading

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Words as x-rays, books as musical scores

Normally, Atwood and Huxley wouldn’t be found together. But they have things in common. Both have works that are darkly, politically brilliant. Prescient even. And both are sonic sharp with language. “Words can be like x-rays — if you use … Continue reading

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