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Between Then and Now

Photo by FS — clocks on the wall of a Toronto shop   Between then and now (if by then you mean the last time we saw each other to get caught up with the happenings inside and outside of us … Continue reading

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Stopped on the street

Going for a walk with the dog in the afternoon is usually a safe activity. Quiet. Just me and my dog. We — Gia (little dog) and I — didn’t think anything of the slightly disheveled, grey-haired guy heading toward us. We … Continue reading

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Real life stories

In between a few snowstorms, cooking and caring for a terminally ill dog, home renovations, searching for new running shoes, maintaining a social life (to wit: the tragically romantic night of Valentine’s Day spent in a vast room with hundreds … Continue reading

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If words have no meaning

~~ If words have no meaning, we wouldn’t need them. And if we didn’t need words, we wouldn’t need an alphabet. We wouldn’t need a language or grammar and syntax or the fields of Semiotics or Linguistics. We couldn’t hurt each … Continue reading

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Scenes from a sporadic writing life: threads, memories and deadlines

~~ My father’s store was what you’d get if poured a super junk heap, a vintage shop, an attic full of trunks and bookshelves, a shipping container of goods from who-knows-where and a high-end antique shop into a big martini … Continue reading

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